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At Firebird Touch Therapy we have a wide selection of treatment options for people of all kind and the ailments they might have. Ranging from flower products to our concentrates, treatments of all kind are available. However, whenever someone mentions tinctures, there seems to be an emptiness to the answer of what they are and how they work. We would like to fill that void, answer those questions and introduce you to the world of tinctures and how they can benefit you.

A few years ago I was asked to create compounded tinctures for by one of the nurses that we work with. She brought to my attention that dosing with the tinctures for everyday use is a lot easier for elderly people and those who did not have such intense issues as cancer or debilitating pain. I agreed with her, it is easier to put a couple drops of something under your tongue a few times a day then figure out how many milligrams are in a concentrate coming out of a syringe.
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For the last year and half I’ve  been playing around in my lab with different formulas mixing essential oils with terpenes and concentrates. I wanted to produce an amazing product, one that was steeped in my roots. A lot of prayer, trial and error were involved until finally the alchemy took and the 4 tincture blends were locked in. 

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